Employed for Good

Tech tips for impact professionals. Do well at doing good.

About EFG

Employed for Good is written with social impact, technology professionals in mind: whether that was by choice, or just one of the many hats you’re wearing these days.

In addition to this blog, you can also find EFG on Youtube and on Udemy.

About The Author

This project is a labor of love, by a gal who found herself wrangling her org’s Salesforce one day and totally loving it.

Other highlights:

  • Tech & data professional with many years in the social impact space
  • Salesforce Certified (Advanced Administrator, Pardot Consultant)
  • Big believer in data privacy
  • Roots from Puerto Rico + Haiti
  • Thinks in lists
  • Loves dogs. But who doesn’t
Not the best hiker, but tries.

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