Thanks for stopping by! I’m Dee, a millennial professional working for a nonprofit in NYC.

What’s my deal: Those who know me know I’m big on data, systems & learning. Employed for Good™ is an outlet for those interests, and a way to explore the ways we can do better for ourselves while doing good for our organizations.

Why I’m doing this: Because I love this sector & the people in it! But I understand that being a nonprofit professional is a lifestyle choice that comes with a host of unique challenges – technically, professionally and personally.

Things like:

Whether you’re here for the advice or the camaraderie, my goals are the same:

  1. For all of us to feel confident, optimistic and balanced about succeeding in our jobs and personal lives.
  2. For our nonprofits to thrive, specifically when it comes to data, systems and outreach/engagement.

What I do for work: I’m a Salesforce Admin, email list & report builde. But I also handle some forward-facing duties, because #multiplehats.

What I do for fun: If I’m not at work, then I’m hanging out with my mom, taking a walk somewhere, BINGING reality television, or fawning over dogs.

Oh, I also draw. So in addition to writing about my experiences in the sector, you’ll occasionally see me cartoon about them too. NBD.

This site is a passion project, which you can read more about here. If anything you’ve seen speaks to you, I encourage you to join me by subscribing & commenting wherever feels right.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!

Yours in service,


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