Here’s the Difference Between NPSP & Salesforce.

If the difference is escaping you, no worries. Here’s what you have to know.

I’ve seen this topic come up quite a bit online, and I think it’s time we shed some light.

If you’re new to Salesforce and work in this sector, then you’ve likely heard about the Nonprofit Success Pack (also known as NPSP). Either your org is already on it, or you’ve heard peers/consultants toss the term around.

But what exactly is NPSP, and how does (or doesn’t it) relate to Salesforce?

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9 Factors To Consider For Your Next Nonprofit Database or CRM

If you’ve been tasked with shopping for your org’s next CRM/donor/volunteer database, start here. There are a few things you’ll want to get clear on first.

Okay gang! It’s a new year, and for many of our orgs, it’s shopping time.

Database shopping, that is.

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What to Know When You’re Implementing a New Tech System

Tech implementations are tricky – CRM, donor database, you name it! Whether it’s your first implementation or your fifth, here’s what you should know.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been MIA the past 2 weeks…here’s the scoop.

I am neck-deep in a system migration right now, thanks to the shutdown of our online ticketing system. (If the phrase “Desk to Service Cloud” means anything to you, reach out. You’re likely a Salesforce admin doing the same thing, so we can commiserate together! 😅)


Any database manager will tell you that when it comes to implementing a new system, seamless-ness is next to godliness . If no one complains on launch day, then you knocked it out of the park. That’s my goal.

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10 Signs Your Nonprofit is NOT Ready for Salesforce

As someone who’s employed *because of* Salesforce, I’ll be honest. It isn’t right for everyone.

Salesforce is a powerful tool. If you’re implementing a new data system for your org, there are very good reasons why this might be the way to go.

But there are valid reasons to stay away, too.

My staff knows how much I love Salesforce. And as much as I wish every org could implement it without issue, that’s just not how it works! Your org needs to be in the right headspace to knock a Salesforce implementation out of the park.

Take it from someone who’s experienced some of these issues firsthand: this isn’t the right tool for everyone. And that’s okay.

So, how can you tell? Check for these flags before committing your org to the Salesforce Ohana.

10 Valid Reasons NOT to Implement Salesforce

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10 Signs Your Nonprofit is Ready For Salesforce

Going with a Salesforce is a major decision! Here’s how to know if it’s right.

Is Salesforce the right tool for my organization?

If you’re implementing a new CRM at your org, then this has likely crossed your mind. Platforms abound for nonprofits ready to track their constituent data, and Salesforce is no exception.

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5 Helpful Implementation Reminders for Your Org (via Salesforce)

Some really good advice in here, regardless of the system.

“Don’t solve problems you don’t have.”

When it comes to tech implementations, truer words have never been spoken.

Today was the Salesforce World Tour, an annual expo-ish event hosted in several cities by the CRM powerhouse. There are product demos, keynote speakers, and mini-sessions all designed to leave attendees feeling curious and excited about what’s possible.

For current clients, it’s a chance to network & explore the different “clouds”. For those on the fence, it’s an accurate – if not dizzying – intro to the community you’re about to join. Plus, it’s free!

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