When Nonprofit Tech Projects Stall, Part 2: How to Move Forward

Losing traction on a project? You might actually be able to turn things around.

Imagine this. You’re the lead on a major tech project that’s been underway for a while – like a CRM implementation. 

All of a sudden, things stop. Decisions aren’t being made. Your Director’s not committing to a contract. All that work, basically frozen in time. 

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When Nonprofit Tech Projects Stall, Part 1: Why It Happens

To anyone who’s ever had a project unexpectedly lose momentum – let’s chat.

Imagine this. You’re the lead on a major tech initiative, like evaluating a new CRM.

You pour your heart into the research. You spend hours watching demos. You come up with a spreadsheet comparison – or eloquently written Word Doc proposal – to share with your Director.

Then, crickets. And you’re left wondering where you went wrong.

This is a common narrative in the sector. Whether you work in programs or technology, projects can seem to go full steam ahead before coming to a sudden, screeching halt.

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Tips for Finding a Remote Job during COVID-19

If you’re looking for a new job, you may want to consider adding remote jobs to your search. Here are some tips for how and where to find them (including options specific to nonprofit and Salesforce jobs).

If all this corona chaos is making you rethink your office job, you may now be part of a very large club.

Remote work has grown more popular in recent years. Personally, I don’t know that it’s my preference. Still, none of us imagined that being able to work from home could mean the difference between making a living or being unemployed. Or getting sick.

And yet, that’s the reality so many of us are living today.

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Trello or Asana? A Skeptic’s Take on Two Productivity Tools

Trello & Asana are popular picks for the nonprofit worker who wants to be productive. So which one is better?

For a blog that’s about nonprofit productivity, I have a bit of a confession. And if you read my last post, you probably caught it – in the section where I talk about how I manage my work tasks.

Or more specifically, the fact that I dont. 😞 I know. Don’t judge me, gang.

It’s not for lack of trying! I’ve stopped and started many a system – spreadsheets, Salesforce, even written planners. Once I reach a point where using the system feels like more work than help, I cut it out of my life.

But now that the demands on my job are increasing, my current “system” of inbox to calendar to memory isn’t cutting it. It’s time for this gal to change her ways.

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You need to document your work. Here are 6 reasons why.

When your nonprofit keeps you busy, it’s easy to put documentation on the back burner. Here are all the reasons why you’ll want to start.

If you won the lottery & left your job today, could your org pick up where you left off?

If your answer was a big fat NOPE, then this one’s for you.

When we talk about mission-driven work, we hardly ever talk about documenting it. And it’s no mystery why. Documentation is time-consuming. Aren’t we all busy enough?

But we can’t keep ignoring this! Documentation is key to making a lasting impact at work. It allows our projects to outlive (you know what I mean) us when we move on from our orgs.

Plus I’m in documentation purgatory right now. So I can personally attest, this task is so worth your while to do early.


11 Tech Tools to Better Manage Requests

A slew of tech tools — ranging from the free & easy, to the pricy & sophisticated – to better manage those staff requests.

How do you organize work requests? Have you got your system down?

When it comes to project management, I’ve started and fallen off many systems. It’s easy to let yourself get disorganized as things get chaotic!

But it’s important to capture and organize those project needs and updates. Otherwise, details slip through the cracks and communication can break down.

Before we talk tech…

It’s important to remember that technology helps us implement solutions. But we’re the only ones who can actually solve our problems.

So before you jump into a new system, really think about how this tool can serve your process. Make sure you understand the nuances around requests, that you have a framework to support the tech, and that you’ve got a way to intake those staff requirements.

Let’s talk systems.

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