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Where to Go When You’re Stuck with a Salesforce Question

When you have a Salesforce q, where’s the first place you go to find the answer?

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Sure, Google is the obvious choice. And if that doesn’t pan out, we’re only one case away from speaking with Salesforce Support.

But the Support route isn’t always the fastest. And while googling may be our lifeline, it becomes less helpful if you’re not familiar with how the Salesforce Help Site works.

Salesforce salesforce *tech* advice

The Best Salesforce Troubleshooting Secret: Login As User

When someone comes to you with a Salesforce issue, what’s the first thing you do to troubleshoot? 

If you asked me this question 4 years ago, my answer would not have been great. 

User issues were a chore when I was a new admin. First, I’d need to go back & forth with the person, just to fully understand what was happening.

Then, I’d realize the solution was hidden somewhere in the Narnia that is Salesforce Setup. When you’re not as familiar with Setup, that can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

All this to say…Salesforce troubleshooting is tricky! There’s more to it than what I can fit into 500 words.

But one feature that I LOVE has helped me effectively troubleshoot for years. So I’m making sure you know about it.

Meet your new best friend in Salesforce Setup: Login As User.

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How I Passed the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Exam [2020]

Gang, I recently got my Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification. And to be honest, it was a bit of a mess getting there! 🤪

So I’m sharing my story for anyone who might benefit. That includes the mistakes I made during my prep, and the last minute changes that helped me turn things around before exam day.

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Why You Should Use Salesforce Sandboxes (& How to Start)

Friends. I have a confession to make.

Some of you know I’ve been a Salesforce Admin at my org for a few years. But for the majority of that time, I made a common rookie’s mistake.

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The Quick & Easy Way to Manage Duplicates in Salesforce

If you’re a new Salesforce org, or one with a tight budget, make sure you know about duplicate record sets.

Duplicate record sets are a Salesforce feature/object that can detect duplicate records in your instance. They’ll appear as flags on individual records, and can also be included in reports.

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The Trick to Documenting & Explaining Any Complicated Tech Process

You ever find yourself trying to explain something technical to someone, and feeling as if you’re speaking another language?

Good. So it’s not just me.

Being in a technical role, and the only person who understands some parts of that tech, means I get the job of explaining to people why things work the way they do. I’m a nerd about bringing people into my work, so I’m happy to do it.