What to Know When You're Implementing a New Tech System

Tech implementations are tricky - CRM, donor database, you name it! Whether it's your first implementation or your fifth, here's what you should know. Read more...
October 2, 2019

Stay Out of Excel Hell: 7 Tips for Working with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can either make or break your day. Here are 7 musts to gracefully navigate through any Excel or Google Sheets situation! Read more...
September 9, 2019

11 Tech Tools to Better Manage Requests

A slew of tech tools -- ranging from the free & easy, to the pricy & sophisticated - to better manage those staff requests. Read more...
June 20, 2019

4 Options for Creating an Intake Process for Staff Requests

A productive staff process needs a solid intake system. Here's how to start thinking through yours, so you can organize your staff's needs. Read more...
June 4, 2019

Need to Create a Process For Your Staff? Start with a Framework.

A streamlined process enables you and your org to be more productive. Here's what you need to build that out effectively & successfully for your staff. Read more...
May 21, 2019

10 Ways Your Nonprofit Isn't Using Google Forms, But Could Be

f you're in a pinch for a survey tool, Google Forms can be a great option for your nonprofit. Here are 10 ways you didn't know you could leverage Google Forms. Read more...
May 14, 2019

7 Tips to Balance Database Management With Your Day Job

That feeling when database management gets lumped in with your day job 🙄. Here are 7 tips for balancing it all effectively. Read more...
April 22, 2019

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