10 Absurdly Difficult Things About Working in Nonprofit

1. Explaining what it is you do to friends & family.

“So wait…you don’t make money at your job?”

2. Getting the office printer/copier to work.

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3. Saying no and still being a team player…because you can’t actually do it all.

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4. Specializing in one thing & doing it really well.

Blame #multiplehats.

5. Finding time to practice self care.

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6. Getting your staff to stick to a process. (Okay, this one’s more of a people issue).

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7. Getting everyone on your board to give.

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8. Getting people to RSVP to events by your stated deadline. Never gonna happen.

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9. Getting your director to enter information in your CRM or database.

If anyone *has* managed to figure this out, then you are a literal nonprofit unicorn. Teach us your ways.

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10. Breaking out of the sector. Tried twice already, can’t seem to do it.

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