These are frustrating times – even in the small ways.

Gang. I know this is not the time to feel frustrated about the little things.

The world is going through an unprecedented moment of danger, grief, and loss. Our essential workers and first responders are doing some of the hardest work of their lives. We all know someone, personally or through loved ones, who is struggling or already lost to the coronavirus. Not to mention all the people we know who have taken severe hits financially, having lost their livelihoods one way or another.

Basically, serious shitaki is happening right now. It seems silly to fixate on anything else.

If only that made the rest of it easy. Some of us who are still employed are understandably stressed about our job security. Stay-at-home orders are keeping some of us physically isolated from friends & family, which comes with its own set of consequences. Those same orders are also making it impossible for some of us to find a moment of peace in our homes.

That’s just the personal stuff. If you’re someone who gets preoccupied with the state of the world, you’ve got food for thought there too! It’s disheartening to see our social and public systems struggle to alleviate people’s suffering. It’s confounding to see the social justice implications play out during this clear public health crisis.

And then, we have the lesser disappointments. Think cancelled events. Lost vacations. Forfeited payments. Missed milestones. Suspended sports games. Run-of-the-mill work issues. Run-of-the-mill family issues. Roommate drama. The loss of a routine that kept you more grounded than you realized. The dread that comes with not knowing when it will feel safe to go out again.

Those last few things certainly aren’t life or death. We know they don’t quite matter in comparison to the rest. But they can still hit some of us where it hurts.

I don’t have an answer. I have a lot to be grateful for. I know that my worst days could be far worse, and don’t get me wrong, I’m so grateful that they’re not.

But there’s no doubt that the circumstances of this crisis – needing to stay home, social distance, and have our lives upended unexpectedly – is making the lesser disappointments a little harder. Even for those of us who are feeling genuinely appreciative about the rest.

I guess what I’m saying, to whomever needs to hear it, is this: things suck right now. And it’s okay to admit that, even if just to yourself.

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