Resources – Implementing a New CRM Tool

Congrats! Looks like your org is in the process of finding/implementing your next constituent tool. What a leap!

This page is intended to point you to the most helpful resources on this blog. So tell me! Which status best describes your org’s CRM search?

No clue at all where to start 😩

Search is underway but feeling stuck πŸ€”

Making progress / nearly there! πŸ‘

If you have no clue where to start…

I feel your pain! It’s tough figuring out how evaluate and compare tech platforms.

That’s why I put together a FREE email course 🍎 that offers a framework for approaching the CRM search. It truly sums up the way I would tackle the process – with actionable lesson items and templates, shared over the course of 8 days.

Check it out and sign up today!

p.s. If any part of you is on the fence about migrating systems, check out these reasons why (and why not) to migrate.

If your search is already underway…

If you’re in the weeds with searching, you may be feeling a little stuck. If so, check out these posts to help you keep your eye on the prize:

πŸ“– 9 Considerations for Your Next Donor CRM
All the big ticket items you’ll want to think about, from storage to support options

πŸ“– 8 Kinds of Nonprofit “CRM” Databases
It’s easy to mistake fundraising tools for CRMs, or other constituent platforms. Here’s a lay of the CRM tool landscape

πŸ“– Implementing a New System? Here’s what everyone is thinking
This isn’t just a tech project; it’s a comms project too! How you roll this out to staff is important to the success of your implementation

πŸ“– When Nonprofit Tech Projects Stall
If your CRM implementation is hitting a wall, then this two-part series is just for you

⭐ Searchable Donor CRM Database
An interactive tool for beginning to find a donor CRM. Search and filter based on key functionality!

Is your org considering Salesforce?

Those free licenses might be worth considering! But if you’re not quite sure you “get” Salesforce, then you’ll want to start here.

πŸ“– What exactly is Salesforce? An answer for nonprofits
To help clarify what this ginormous platform can (and can’t) do for your org

πŸ“– 10 Signs Your Nonprofit IS Ready for Salesforce
My take on how to know if your org is ready to make the leap

πŸ“– 10 Reasons NOT to implement Salesforce
An honest opinion on when orgs might want to reconsider using Salesforce

πŸ“– The Difference Between Salesforce & NPSP
This is especially helpful for any orgs who may be using Salesforce already

πŸ“– Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S): What, Why and How to Get It
My scoop on the free volunteer management platform that comes with Salesforce NPSP

If you’ve made great progress and nearing implementation…

First, it’s time to celebrate! πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰ It may seem far off, but you’re much closer to the end than when you started. =]

As you prep for the real work, here are some posts to help you organize and anticipate what’s to come.

πŸ“– What to Know When You’re Implementing a New Tech System
A list of things you can expect, as they relate to needs & planning

πŸ“– 6 Questions to Help You Prep for Your Data Migration
For those of you managing the actual migration, or overseeing the consultant/volunteer taking it on

πŸ“– Implementing a New System? Here’s what everyone is thinking
You probably spoke to staff about the move earlier! But now that you’re closer to actually rolling out, here are some helpful framing reminders

πŸ“– Tips for Your Next Tech Volunteer Engagement
This isn’t CRM specific. However, if you’re considering a volunteer to get set up/fully implemented, check out these tips on how to make the most of that engagement

πŸ“– 5 Implementation Reminders (via Salesforce)
This was a quick reflection on a Salesforce event I attended in 2018. But the takeaways were just so darn good and relevant, I had to bump them here.

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