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Jamboards: The Google Collaboration Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

If your org uses Google Workspace and you’ve never heard of Jamboard, stick around! I may have a gem for you.

You’re probably familiar with Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and the various other Google-branded tools. Google Jamboard is just another one of those app offerings.

Not to be confused with their physical Jamboard product!

If you google search “Google Jamboard” (like I did), most results on that first page will point you to their physical Jamboard device. This is basically a giant, electronic whiteboard that will cost you a few thousand dollars. More on that here.

That product is not what we’re talking about here. The Google Jamboard App is free & can be accessed directly from your own computer device!

What Makes It Great

What I like about Jamboard is that it offers an easy way to loosely collaborate. It’s more popular in education, thanks to features that can help educators in the virtual classroom. But I’ve found ways to use it with my virtual team, and have even used it individually to organize my thoughts..

Specific features that are pretty great:

  • Virtual sticky notes – every virtual brainstorm needs a solid replacement for that in-person, post-it-notes-everywhere experience

  • Easy drawing – use the pen and eraser tools to easily sketch on your Jamboard canvas

  • Virtual laser pointer – yes, you can technically share your screen and just use your mouse to point. But who doesn’t want to use a laser?

  • Simplicity – seriously. There’s barely any formatting options compared to Google Docs, which I think helps lessen distractions. It may also be the easiest Google app to learn, ever.

How To Start Using Google Jamboard

The Jamboard app is already included in your org’s Google Workspace account. Just make sure your admin has it enabled, otherwise you may not be able to access it. Instructions for that here.

Then, sign into your Google account and visit jamboard.google.com to try it out. You can also check out my brief video walkthrough of the app below/ here.

Thanks for reading & happy jammin’!

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