10 Project Management Skills To Apply To Your Personal Life

Organize two birds with one skill stone.

Work projects help us grow in our careers. Many of the skills I rely on for my role — like prioritization & managing deadlines — continue to be honed because of the projects I get to work on at my org.

So if these skills make us better at our jobs, why not adopt them when we’re off the clock too?

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Implementing a New System? Here’s What Everyone is Thinking.

Everything boils down to communication…even technology.

“Our organization is transitioning to a new system.”

This kind of announcement can turn a nonprofit upside down – in a good or bad way. Hopefully, most people are excited about the change.

But! You’ll inevitably have staff who are confused about the move, if not anxious. That’s because they probably have more questions (than assurances) about how this change will impact their work.

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10 Tips As You Approach Your Annual Fundraiser

How to stay organized during the most chaotic time of the year.

It’s finally spring. For many of us, things in the sector are beginning to slow down. As warm weather settles in and we start leaving the office earlier, it feels like we can FINALLY relax.

But this is only true for some of us. For others…it’s gala season.

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5 Excel List Nightmares & How to Fix Them

Without hours of manual updates, that is.

Updated 2020 – If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you work with spreadsheets from time to time.

Maybe you’re like me: eager to dive into that world of cells and formulas. Or maybe you dread each time you see an email with a .csv or .xlsx file.

Because once you open that file, you know all bets are off. Who knows what kind of mistakes are waiting for you.

Credit: Giphy. The only platform that lets me combine two disparate loves: spreadsheets and Love & Hip Hop.
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6 Different Ways You Can Volunteer Today

Want to give back, but not sure where to start? Luckily, you’ve got some options.

The road to giving back is paved with good intentions. Perhaps you’re already an avid volunteer, or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get involved. Where do you start?

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The Case for Being Employed for Good

Hi, I’m Dee. I’m a huge data nerd and I work for a nonprofit organization in New York City.

Like many of you nonprofit peeps, I too love this sector. There was a period in my life where I wanted to go corporate – twice, actually – but nearly 14 years later since my first nonprofit internship, and I’m still here!

And with the exception of potentially joining the government one day, I’m pretty sure this is where I’m meant to be.

I’m fortunate to have worked with great organizations, and am currently in a job that really fits who I am and what I care about right now. But even if you’re working your dream nonprofit job, you know that doesn’t mean every day is easy. Some days are hard, leave you feeling uncertain or questioning your abilities, and can be downright frustrating!

That’s because being a nonprofit career professional isn’t just a work-related decision. It’s more of a lifestyle.

Employed for Good, then, is technically a lifestyle blog – but one focused on all that it takes to work and thrive as a nonprofit professional. In my experience, that means three areas:

  • Technical knowledge, so that we can get the nitty gritty of our jobs DOWN. With my focus, you can expect posts that touch on nonprofit data, systems & engagement processes.
  • Work Stuff in general, because things like boundary-setting are equally important in our roles.
  • Life Stuff, since we’re not just our jobs. We’re people, and the things going on in our human lives inevitably spill over into our work lives.

I’ll share tips and advice on a weekly basis, but by no means is this a solo endeavor. I want you & your nonprofit friends to be part of this too.

From one nonprofit professional to another, let’s reframe and reflect on this path. By deciding to do well at work and in life, we’ll position ourselves to do some real good in this sector.

So, let’s do good together! I invite you to subscribe so that you’re caught up each week, and to engage in this passion project of mine.

Yours in service,