The Best Salesforce Troubleshooting Secret: Login As User

Salesforce has lots of great troubleshooting features. But this one completely takes the cake.

When someone comes to you with a Salesforce issue, what’s the first thing you do to troubleshoot? 

If you asked me this question 4 years ago, my answer would not have been great. 

User issues were a chore when I was a new admin. First, I’d need to go back & forth with the person, just to fully understand what was happening.

Then, I’d realize the solution was hidden somewhere in the Narnia that is Salesforce Setup. When you’re not as familiar with Setup, that can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

All this to say…Salesforce troubleshooting is tricky! There’s more to it than what I can fit into 500 words.

But one feature that I LOVE has helped me effectively troubleshoot for years. So I’m making sure you know about it.

Meet your new best friend in Salesforce Setup: Login As User.

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Story Time: How the Org Database Became My Career

A personal reflection on how taking on my org’s database – as a side project – turned into a full-blown career.

Gang! If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know a bit about my story. Like that before becoming a data princess (real nickname), I was an external-facing relationship manager. 

But I wanted to share more about my journey, because I know many of us are reflecting on our careers during the pandemic. Myself included.

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When Nonprofit Tech Projects Stall, Part 1: Why It Happens

To anyone who’s ever had a project unexpectedly lose momentum – let’s chat.

Imagine this. You’re the lead on a major tech initiative, like evaluating a new CRM.

You pour your heart into the research. You spend hours watching demos. You come up with a spreadsheet comparison – or eloquently written Word Doc proposal – to share with your Director.

Then, crickets. And you’re left wondering where you went wrong.

This is a common narrative in the sector. Whether you work in programs or technology, projects can seem to go full steam ahead before coming to a sudden, screeching halt.

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Spreadsheet Formulas You Need to Know, Part 1: The 6 Biggest Time-Savers

Even if you’ve never used formulas before in your spreadsheets, you’ll be happy you scanned these formulas. They can save you hours of manual spreadsheet time.

Have you ever spent hours on a spreadsheet & thought “there has to be a better way”?

Then I’ve got bittersweet news. There probably was.

When I started using spreadsheets 6 years ago, I thought they were glorified Microsoft Word Tables. Except they were finicky and I could never get them to look right. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Fact is, spreadsheets come with tons of powerful functionality. The problem is just that it all sits quietly behind the scenes. And you won’t reap the benefits unless you know how to use some of them.

Enter this post series, devoted specifically to formulas.

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How I Passed the Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Exam [2020]

My story about studying for the Salesforce Advanced Admin 301 exam, and the mistakes I made along the way. 😬

Gang, I recently got my Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification. And to be honest, it was a bit of a mess getting there! 🤪

So I’m sharing my story for anyone who might benefit. That includes the mistakes I made during my prep, and the last minute changes that helped me turn things around before exam day.

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How to Deliver Bad News to Staff Stakeholders

Yup! You can deliver bad news in a way that still leaves everyone feeling good-ish.

Aw, sugar. That’s my first thought anytime I’ve got bad news.

If you’ve ever had to deliver bad news to a colleague, you know it’s a delicate dance. No one wants to hear that they can’t have what they want. Especially in tech!

But sometimes, this is the nature of work. When you’re beholden to a group of stakeholders, be they staff or other constituents, you can’t make everyone happy all of the time!

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