11 Fantastic Resources to Help You Get A Handle on Pardot

Okay gang! If your nonprofit has been using Pardot for a while, or just getting started, or maybe even considering it for your org….let’s talk resources.

Pardot (par-DOT) is an email platform by Salesforce geared towards B2B organizations. While that may not sound like your nonprofit, Pardot tends to be the more common Salesforce email platform among our sector.

That’s because it’s much simpler than the alternative, Marketing Cloud. And a gazillion bucks cheaper.

So if you need to get up to speed on how to use Pardot, here are 11 resources that I’ve found super helpful in getting there! (p.s. These aren’t in any particular order. They’re all great for different reasons).

Salesforce Resources

1. Pardot Office Hours

If you’re not a Pardot premier customer ($$$) or can’t bear the thought of waiting on Support, hop onto the next office hours call. Facilitators go down a list, giving each person 5 minutes to troubleshoot their question. For simpler issues, this can be a great use of your time.

Tip: The participant order is based on the order of questions in the Ask An Expert thread for that day, which you can find in the B2B Marketing Automation Group. Be on the lookout for this post first thing in the morning – that way you can drop your question first!

Here’s an example of an ‘Ask an Expert’ post in the Pardot B2B Marketing Automation group. Ask your questions in the comments!

2. Pardot Product Documentation in The Power of Us Hub

If you’re not familiar with The Power of Us Hub, it is one of many nonprofit Salesforce resources you’ll want in your toolkit. Their Pardot documentation is on the denser side, but it has just about everything you’d need to get started with Pardot. Check that out here.

3. The Pardot Resource Library

If you’re interested in generally understanding how to leverage Pardot, browse the resource library. While most of it is geared towards B2B organizations, you may find some helpful tidbits in all the PDF’s and webinar recordings.

4. The Pardot Hub in Power of Us

Full disclosure – I only recently learned about this one and can’t believe I wasn’t using it sooner! The Power of Us nonprofit community has somewhat of a ‘sub hub’ specifically for Pardot customers. (You’ll need to have a Salesforce account tied to a nonprofit organization in order to access it, but here’s the link.)

5. The B2B Marketing Automation Group

This is the same group where you’ll drop your questions for Pardot Office Hours!

To be honest, I don’t always get a response when I post my questions to the general group. But the times that I have, they’ve been pretty helpful – so definitely consider posting your questions to the Pardot B2B Marketing Automation success community. (Note: this is different from posing a general question on the success site.)

6. Your local Pardot User Group

If you work in Pardot at all, make sure to find your local Pardot user group. It’s always great to connect with people who are doing the same work that you are, but especially during in-person meetings and gatherings. The commiseration potential is high, plus you may get some fantastic swag. (That’s been my experience with the NYC Pardot User Group!)

7. Trailhead

When it comes to learning how to do in Pardot, it’s often a tie between YouTube and Trailhead. Trailhead is a FREE online learning ecosystem provided by Salesforce, to teach admins and end users how to use their different products. You’ll find a bunch of Pardot-related “trails” here.

Non-Salesforce Resources

8. The Spot for Pardot

This fun blog about all things Pardot (you heard me correctly) is by Andrea Tarrell of Sercante, a marketing firm that exclusively helps customers leverage Salesforce and Pardot. Posts are informative, easy to read, and often times thought-provoking in bigger ways. To see what I mean, check out this post about how Pardot admins should be thinking about the coronavirus.

9. Jacqueline Fasset

Jacqueline is a passionate Pardot Consultant who focuses on the Salesforce.org community. She presents on and blogs about Pardot regularly. You can find some of her work on the blogs of Sercante, Idealist Consulting, Pardot, and Salesforce.org.

10. Jenna Molby

Jenna Molby is another Pardot pro with a fantastic website. She’s also known to offer specific tech solutions through some of her posts, like this excellent one on spicing up your Pardot forms!

11. Women of Email

This Facebook group isn’t specific to Pardot. However, if you’re looking for a space to pose questions, or connect with some of the friendliest marketing ops professionals on the internet….then this is the place. (Be sure to check out the group’s description, as their definition of “woman” is pretty expansive.)

For those not on Facebook, you can find their association website here!

Sending good Pardot vibes your way ✨

Hope this post was helpful. If you have resources to add, please drop them in the comments!

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