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Tips for Finding a Remote Job during COVID-19

If you’re looking for a new job, you may want to consider adding remote jobs to your search. Here are some tips for how and where to find them (including options specific to nonprofit and Salesforce jobs).

If all this corona chaos is making you rethink your office job, you may now be part of a very large club.

Remote work has grown more popular in recent years. Personally, I don’t know that it’s my preference. Still, none of us imagined that being able to work from home could mean the difference between making a living or being unemployed. Or getting sick.

And yet, that’s the reality so many of us are living today.

If you’re on the hunt for a new office job, continue using the normal channels/job boards. While many employers have hiring freezes due to the crisis, there are places still hiring virtually – even for positions that are in-office under normal circumstances. So there’s a chance that when things get back to normal, you’ll be back in an office again.

But if this whole experience has you curious about your virtual work options long-term, OR if you need a job that you can start right away, consider also looking for remote opportunities.

Even if it’s temporary, remote work can widen your job search net while we’re all stuck at home anyway.

Tips for Searching for Remote Jobs

Below are the phrases often used to describe remote work opportunities:

  • Remote
  • Virtual
  • Telecommute
  • Anywhere in the US

So when you’re browsing certain jobs, try using each of these words in your search terms. Depending on the job board, you may find more success with some terms over others.

In addition, if you use Google to search for jobs, the Google Jobs engine will let you filter for those that can be performed remotely. Just search the title, click Location, and then select the Anywhere and Work from Home tabs to filter.

Google aggregates jobs across many different boards and employer career sites. So it’s a great option for finding a wide breadth of opportunities in one sitting.

Places to Search for Remote Jobs

The internet is huge, gang. So while not a gigantic list, below are some remote-specific job sites where you can begin browsing opportunities.

BTW, this list is not an endorsement of any job board. In fact, I haven’t used many of these myself! I put this list together based on resources that I know exist, plus some online research.

Also, I didn’t include job boards that have paid services for job seekers. I just don’t believe someone looking for a job should have to pay for it. 🤷🏻

Remote Jobs for:

Nonprofit Remote Jobs

Remote Nonprofit job board specifically for remote nonprofit jobs.

Remote NonProfit (Facebook Group) – a place where people can share job openings for the nonprofit sector. Also a great place for tips and socializing!

NoDesk job aggregator featuring remote nonprofit jobs for digital nomads.

For more places to search nonprofit jobs (not just remote), check out this list by Foundation List of 24 Nonprofit Job Boards.

General Remote Jobs

Flexjobs – a job board that specifically features part-time, freelance and remote jobs.

We Work Remotely (WWR) – purported to be the largest remote work community in the world.

Working Nomads“remote jobs for digital working nomads.”

Remote.Co – an aggregator of remote opportunities across various industries.

r/Remote reddit – forum for posting listings and asking questions related to remote work.

Remote OK – smaller job aggregator for remote jobs. Covers multiple industries, but seems to be largely tech-related jobs.

Jobspresso – sizable remote job board with a focus on tech, sales, marketing and support

For more places to search remote jobs, check out this list of 60 best remote job sites in 2020. This larger list includes a mix of full-time/part-time work, in-office vs remote, freelance/contract, sites with paid offerings, and sites that require a profile/sign-up.

Salesforce Remote Jobs

“Remote Jobs” Success Community Group – Salesforce group in the online success community for posting remote jobs. Requires joining the community using a Salesforce login.

“Jobs for Salesforce” Success Community Group – can have a mix of remote-only opportunities, or opportunities that can be done in person or remotely. Requires joining the community using a Salesforce login.

“Job Postings” Success Community Group – same deal as the last group! Jobs featured can be both in-person or remote. Requires joining the community using a Salesforce login.

Tip: If you don’t have a Salesforce login to join the groups above, you can get one for FREE by signing up for a developer org (basically a personal Salesforce environment) here!

Salesforce Developers “Jobs Board” – online forum in the Salesforce developers community with job listings.

Women of Email one of my favorite Facebook groups, Women of Email will occasionally post opportunities relating to Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or other CRM roles.

p.s. Salesforce jobs can be found in waaaay more places than I’ve mentioned here (think regional slack channels, reddit forums and numerous other online communities.)

More Options

Freelancing. Freelance sites like Upwork allow you to join their platform and search for project gigs, usually for a percentage of your earnings. For more websites like this, check out this list of Top 25 Freelance Websites.

Good luck! And if you’re not searching but know someone who could benefit from these resources right now, I hope you’ll share this with them.

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