10 Rejuvenating Staycation Ideas When You Need A Break

For many of us, summer is our moment. It’s the time of year when things finally slow down and we’re able to take those big trips, make time for family, or just take time to kick back and relax.

For those of us who are a bit more low-key, we may not have grand plans for our vacation time at all. That’s where staycations come in!

You don’t need to plan an expensive trip to make the most of your time off. The important thing is that we take time at all, because 1) we deserve it, 2) we need it, and 3) we can still make those breaks restful and enjoyable.

Here are 10 easy ideas to help you unwind and recharge this summer.

10 Relaxing Staycation Ideas When You Need a Break

1. Make it a park day.

I’m no nature gal, but even I can admit there’s something peaceful about sitting on a patch of grass alone with your thoughts. Make a day of it by bringing a picnic blanket, some healthy snacks, and a good read.

2. Or, a beach day.

If sun and sand are more your speed, head to the beach instead. Same rules apply about snacks and books. Just make sure to grab sunscreen and a towel on your way out the door!

3. Sit at a cafe with your favorite book.

Remember that book you bought months ago that you planned to finish, but didn’t? Well, if sweet treats and cafe ambiance are up your alley, then spend a few hours in your favorite coffee spot and get a jump on reading!

Don’t have any books on your reading list? Classy’s got you covered with their list of nonprofitty must-reads. (If you’re curious, ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama is next on my list. Been reading that one since November….)

4. Sign up for a fitness class.

Some of us aren’t exactly “fitness” people. And many of us have gym memberships yet are still not fitness people (*raises hand). A day away is a great excuse to get moving, so consider signing up for that dance/yoga/boot camp class to get your mind and body right. You can also go for a run, if you’re one of those fitness people. ^.^

5. Revisit your artsy side.

Everyone has it – that long forgotten hobby that used to inspire your creativity, but is now a distant memory because #whohastime. Try to reconnect to that activity via a class or at home. Reawaken the painter/sculptor/wood carver/chef deep inside! (If you’re local to any of their areas, Coursehorse is my fave for finding classes.)

6. Listen to live music.

Concerts are a pricier, but fun option that I always forget about when I’m looking to do something fun! But even if that’s not in your budget, you may live in an area where live music is still somewhere to be had – at restaurants, lounges, or even the park during summertime. (Hint: to find the freer options, check out your town’s community events calendar, your public parks calendar, or even your public library’s calendar.)

7. Stay home & binge your favorite shows.

In case this cat isn’t out of the bag yet, I’m a HUGE TV person. Specifically, the reality-tv variety. I’m pretty much your expert on the k-1 visa process now thanks to 90 Day Fiance.

If TV isn’t for you, your loss so be it! But if it is, consider a day of popcorn and air-conditioning as you plow through your favorite television shows & movies.

8. Volunteer.

For the folks who want to volunteer and can’t seem to find the time – consider using an off-day to do it. Just make sure you’re doing something that you’ll find revitalizing and energizing, because this is still your vacation. You don’t want it to feel too much like you took a day off to work! (No clue where to start? Here are a few ideas to get you started.)

9. Spend the day/a few days exploring a nearby city.

This is one of my favorite ways to unwind, because the newness of a place is enough to take me out of my routine – which is exactly what I need every once in a while. Feed that inner explorer by taking the day to roam and explore a new nearby place (or even parts of your current city/town that you’ve yet to discover).

10. Plan your next big trip.

There are lots of vacations I want to take. But it can feel impossible to find the time to sit and plan them, especially when my weekends are typically chock full of errands and family stuff.

So a day when I’m by myself is a great time to look into those trip details! Make this fun & relaxing by propping your feet up, putting on your favorite tunes, and searching those hotels and flights alongside a glass of wine (or other treat of choice!).

Got some more fun staycation ideas? Share in the comments!

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