The Best Salesforce Troubleshooting Secret: Login As User

Salesforce has lots of great troubleshooting features. But this one completely takes the cake.

When someone comes to you with a Salesforce issue, what’s the first thing you do to troubleshoot? 

If you asked me this question 4 years ago, my answer would not have been great. 

User issues were a chore when I was a new admin. First, I’d need to go back & forth with the person, just to fully understand what was happening.

Then, I’d realize the solution was hidden somewhere in the Narnia that is Salesforce Setup. When you’re not as familiar with Setup, that can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

All this to say…Salesforce troubleshooting is tricky! There’s more to it than what I can fit into 500 words.

But one feature that I LOVE has helped me effectively troubleshoot for years. So I’m making sure you know about it.

Meet your new best friend in Salesforce Setup: Login As User.

Note: As of this post date, this feature isn’t available for the Essentials or Professional editions. But keep reading anyway – you’ll want to know how this works.

What is ‘Login As User’?

The Login As User feature lets Admins log into Salesforce as their end users. It gives you the ability to experience Salesforce the way an individual staff member does.

But why is it important?

Because as the person troubleshooting problems, you probably have admin access to the platform (via the Administrator profile). You’re able to see and do more things than your staff.

Oftentimes, users reach out because they can’t access or edit something. Recreating their issue can be the key to resolving it quickly. But it’s impossible to do that when your user account already grants you superior access.

To see what your users see, you need to become them! Or, at least login as them.

Okay, I get it. How do I login as another user?

From Salesforce Narnia. I mean, Setup.

In Setup, open the Users page. You should see a “Login” link next to every individual User. Clicking that link will open a separate Salesforce tab, with a banner on top letting you know that you’re logged in as that person. 

I always do this using a separate incognito window. (If you don’t know what means, more on incognito mode here). That way, I can recreate the issue in my staff user account while also troubleshooting in my own admin account.

The other nice thing about this feature? I don’t need to wait for a user to confirm if a fix works. I can just check for myself!

But wait. Why don’t I see the Login option on my ‘Users’ page?

At first, I thought this was something automatically available to everyone. Turns out, that’s not the case.

So if you’re not seeing that ‘login as’ link, here are a few reasons why:

  1. Your org may not have the “Log in as Any User” feature enabled. You can find and enable this feature in the Login Control Policies section of Salesforce. More specific instructions available here. 
  1. Your org may require that users grant you access before logging in as them. Here are instructions on how users can grant login access. (It’s the same process for granting access to Salesforce Support when you need help with a case.)
  1. This feature might not be available for your Salesforce edition. Check this Help Center doc for up-to-date information on which editions have it. (If you don’t know your Salesforce Edition, that’s pretty important! Here’s a Help Center article for that too.)

p.s. This feature should totally be available on all editions. If you agree, get all your friends to upvote this idea. Yes it’s been outstanding for years, but maybe Salesforce will make it happen one day.

Happy troubleshooting!

Give it a whirl and let us know in the comments if this feature is really as fantabulous as I think it is.

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