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6 Surprising Similarities Between Nonprofits & Companies

6 Surprising Similarities Between Nonprofits & Companies

Working for a nonprofit means you’ve likely been subject to some assumptions held by outsiders about your lifestyle. Friends or family may think that you’re martyring yourself to your cause, making an unlivable wage, and/or sacrificing your livelihood for the greater good. (If they only knew the truth about what it is to work in nonprofit.) Continue reading

The Power of Data, Part 2: How Data Can Benefit Your Career

As a nonprofit employee, I am a big believer of data.

Spreadsheet addiction aside, it’s an incredible thing to be able to apply metrics and research to inform a larger strategy. Data has real implications for the social sector and a nonprofit’s ability to create impact.

Yet while the global potential for data is huge, this potential also exists on an individual level.  Continue reading

8 Things to Remember When Work (& Life) Weigh You Down

I love working. Not only am I doing the work that I want to be doing at the moment (this after some not-so-easy soul searching and job hunting), but I’m grateful for the lifestyle that my job affords me.

Still, as with any job, some days are tough. Continue reading

How to Craft An Elevator Pitch (Because Let’s Face It, We All Need One)

This weekend I volunteered at a career fair, helping high schoolers think through their resumes & interview skills. Let me say that of the many ways that there are to give back and get involved, empowering youth to follow their dreams is my absolute favorite.

One session covered the elevator pitch: the brief statement that somehow captures who you are, what you’re good at, what you want and why people should care. For many, this pitch is a cruel and unusual professional necessity. Continue reading

3 Simple Hacks to Revolutionize Your Work Day

I’ve been working ever since I was 14 years old. Since that time, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and given myself plenty of headaches.

Once I entered the working world full-time, I got serious. The thought of making a difference at work energized me to go out and find ways to become a better professional. By attending talks and workshops, I learned tools and tricks early on that have drastically impacted how I work to this day. Continue reading

5 Things To Know Before Diving Into a New Project

We’ve all been there: you walk into a meeting with your manager and discover that you’ve been assigned a brand new project. You might be super excited and eager to jump in, or if it’s your first big assignment, hesitant and unsure of where to start. Continue reading

A Turmeric Latte

The Power of Meeting Someone for Coffee


During my lunch break yesterday, I went to work in a cafe not too far from my office (because that’s what happens to your ‘free’ time when you’re trying to start up a blog).

While there, I happened to sit next to two young men, who were discussing a topic that plagues many a millennial’s mind: the future. Continue reading