How to Create a User Manual For Your Database (7 Steps)

End-user documentation is an important, albeit daunting, task for any database professional. Here are some tipsto help you get started.

Alrighty! Who’s excited to talk user manuals?

Look, I get it. But if you’re like me, then you agree that documenting processes & systems is essential for any nonprofit. It’s just a matter of finding the time to do it.

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The Trick to Documenting & Explaining Any Complicated Tech Process

You ever find yourself trying to explain something technical to someone, and feeling as if you’re speaking another language?

Good. So it’s not just me.

Being in a technical role, and the only person who understands some parts of that tech, means I get the job of explaining to people why things work the way they do. I’m a nerd about bringing people into my work, so I’m happy to do it.

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What to Know When You’re Implementing a New Tech System

Tech implementations are tricky – CRM, donor database, you name it! Whether it’s your first implementation or your fifth, here’s what you should know.

When it comes to implementing ANY new system, seamless-ness is next to godliness .

Sure, getting the system up & running is important too! But if no one complains on launch day, that’s how you know you knocked it out of the park. Smooth implementations are the dreammm.

They just take tons of work & planning.

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You need to document your work. Here are 6 reasons why.

When your nonprofit keeps you busy, it’s easy to put documentation on the back burner. Here are all the reasons why you’ll want to start.

If you won the lottery & left your job today, could your org pick up where you left off?

If your answer was a big fat NOPE, then this one’s for you.

When we talk about mission-driven work, we hardly ever talk about documenting it. And it’s no mystery why. Documentation is time-consuming. Aren’t we all busy enough?

But we can’t keep ignoring this! Documentation is key to making a lasting impact at work. It allows our projects to outlive (you know what I mean) us when we move on from our orgs.

Plus I’m in documentation purgatory right now. So I can personally attest, this task is so worth your while to do early.