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10 Easy, Affordable Ways to Add Flare To Your Nonprofit’s Event

Event planning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

There are so many moving pieces to consider; from the small details that need constant attention, to the big picture visioning that’s all too easy to forget when you’re in the weeds. And if ‘event’ isn’t part of your job title — the case for many of us in nonprofit — forget about it. This all becomes 10x harder!

Fortunately, it’s possible to pull together an event and make it great. Once you’ve organized your massive to-do list, Continue reading

The Nonprofit Event Checklist: Plan & Rock Your Next Event

Events are the double-edged sword of the nonprofit world.

On the one hand, they bring people into the fold of your org’s work. I’ve seen a student move a room of 500 people by sharing his classroom experience. I have BAWLED listening to an ED talk about kids using karate to cope with cancer. There’s no denying that events are a great engagement mechanism.

Still, that doesn’t make them easy.

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10 Tips As You Approach Your Annual Fundraiser

It’s finally spring and for many of us, things in the sector are beginning to slow down. As warm weather settles in and we start leaving the office earlier, it feels like we can FINALLY relax.

But this is only true for some of us. For others…it’s gala season. Continue reading