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20 Things Every Nonprofit Database Admin Can Understand (with GIFs)

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Some of us may love the work, but maintaining your team’s database isn’t always easy! For anyone who’s ever served as as a nonprofit database manager (and for those folks who have ever worked with that person), here are 20 things that have likely crossed our minds at some point in time.

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5 Tips for Quickly Designing a Flyer in Word (with GIFs!)

Have you ever been asked to build, or modify, a flyer during your nonprofit career? Whether you’ve worked in program services, volunteer management or development, I’m guessing the answer is yes. It’s certainly happened to me more than a few times!

If you’re Illustrator savvy, this isn’t a big ask. But if not, you’ve probably wondered ‘where do I begin? And WHY can’t we just contract this out to someone else for crying out loud?’ Continue reading

10 Tips As You Approach Your Annual Fundraiser

It’s finally spring and for many of us, things in the sector are beginning to slow down. As warm weather settles in and we start leaving the office earlier, it feels like we can FINALLY relax.

But this is only true for some of us. For others…it’s gala season. Continue reading

5 Excel List Nightmares Any Nonprofit Employee Can Fix


No matter which department you work for at your organization, chances are that Excel spreadsheets have touched your life in one way or another.


If you’re like me, then you’re eager to dive into that world of cells and formulas. Or, maybe you dread it each time you see an email request with a .csv or .xlsx attachment. Continue reading

The Power of Data, Part 1: How Data Can Benefit Your Nonprofit Organization

I am a huge data nerd and the people at my job know it.

It’s not so much about the numbers (math was never my strong suit), but it fascinates me that we can capture bits of information, crunch, dissect and organize it, and use that to build a bigger picture. I’ll gladly spend hours over a spreadsheet than on Facebook any day. Continue reading

8 Things I Learned Working for the Nonprofit Sector

8 Things I Learned Working for the Nonprofit Sector

Working for the nonprofit sector has been one of the biggest highlights of my career. I’ve gotten the chance to work on issues that really matter to me, all while meeting passionate people along the way and building personal knowledge. Some lessons have even provided important context for my understanding of  both the world and this space. Continue reading

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6 Different Ways You Can Volunteer Today

The road to giving back is paved with good intentions. Perhaps you’re already an avid volunteer, or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get involved for the very first time. How can you find the right volunteer opportunity, and where do you start? Continue reading