Buying lists? Here’s why your org can’t just email everyone on it.

Is your org in a tough spot right now?

I get it. You needed to start reaching more supporters yesterday. The urgency is there, but the well of prospects might not be looking so full from where you’re standing.

Companies understand this. That’s why buying lists is a thing.

But heed this advice before you pull out the credit card! If your only strategy is to blast emails to everyone on that list, then your org is unlikely to see a great return on the investment.

In fact, quite the opposite! Your org could do some real damage to your email reach.

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How to Organize an Email Marketing Campaign in Asana

The project management tool your org needs to know.

Somebody get me an Asana mug, because I’m going through a phase.

For those who don’t know, Asana is an online project management tool. The free version (which I use for most of my work & blog projects) has great features for tracking tasks, deadlines and assignees.

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9 Metrics You Should Be Using to Gauge Your Gala’s Success

Your gala or annual fundraiser is one of the most important events of the year! Here are some easy metrics you’ll want to capture to measure the success.

Fundraising & data peeps! This is where our worlds collide.

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8 Must-Know Tips for Working with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can either make or break your day. Here are 7 musts to gracefully navigate through any Excel or Google Sheets situation!

Anyone who regularly works with spreadsheets knows the anguish of screwing up said spreadsheets.

It goes like this. You’re powering through for hours – filtering, sorting, formulating. Then you notice that one row of data looks slightly off.

After frantically checking a few more rows, it hits you. Something went wrong in your manipulations, and the data’s been messed. You need to start over from the beginning!

I know. As much as I love spreadsheets, they’ve also destroyed many of my work days too.

Fortunately, we can do things to reduce the odds of this scenario happening…and do our best to work backwards when it does.

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You need to document your work. Here are 6 reasons why.

When your nonprofit keeps you busy, it’s easy to put documentation on the back burner. Here are all the reasons why you’ll want to start.

If you won the lottery & left your job today, could your org pick up where you left off?

If your answer was a big fat NOPE, then this one’s for you.

When we talk about mission-driven work, we hardly ever talk about documenting it. And it’s no mystery why. Documentation is time-consuming. Aren’t we all busy enough?

But we can’t keep ignoring this! Documentation is key to making a lasting impact at work. It allows our projects to outlive (you know what I mean) us when we move on from our orgs.

Plus I’m in documentation purgatory right now. So I can personally attest, this task is so worth your while to do early.


We all need to do better in our team meetings.

There’s more we can all be doing to make those team meetings more effective.

Okay, let’s get into this. Confession time.

When I first started working, I LOVED meetings. They were my chance to hear from folks higher up the chain about what the heck was going on at my org! Plus, I wasn’t that busy…back then.

4 years later & everything’s changed. I’m a seasoned grump that has way too much on her plate, which means I’m dodging calendar invites like Leon from the Matrix. If that’s even his name. Is that his name?


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