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How to Organize an Email Marketing Campaign in Asana

Somebody get me an Asana mug, because I’m going through a phase.

For those who don’t know, Asana is an online project management tool. The free version (which I use for most of my work & blog projects) has great features for tracking tasks, deadlines and assignees.

CRM/Data marketing ops

How to Coordinate Your Nonprofit’s Next Big Email Campaign

Okay gang! Who’s getting ready to send an email on behalf of their org?

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If there’s one project that unifies (or divides) departments most, it’s the email campaign. Volunteer managers, fundraisers, & program staff all have constituents to engage.

Even the ops staff don’t get a break here. They’re often the ones pulling those lists!

But whether this is your first campaign or your fiftieth, it doesn’t have to be chaos.  A good process never hurt nobody, and you’ll definitely need one to execute something this important.

There’s a method to this particular nonprofit madness. Let’s talk email.