VIDEO: How to Clean a Messy Spreadsheet in under 10 min

Have you ever looked at a spreadsheet and thought “where do I even begin?”

Sometimes it’s a file we inherit from someone else in our org. Other times, it’s a data entry project turned disaster. Either way, our sector is no stranger to the messy spreadsheet. 

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2 Ways to Handle Duplicates in Excel + Google Sheets

For any spreadsheet situation involving duplicate entries – here are 2 tactics you’ve got to know. Instructions for both Excel and Google Sheets!

We can all agree that duplicates are a pain. But they’re a real downer when you have a spreadsheet chock full of them, and no clue where to start cleaning.

Enter these spreadsheet tips.

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Video: How to Highlight Duplicates in Excel (4 min)

How to highlight duplicates in Excel for easy spotting, using conditional formatting.

Dealing with duplicates can be a hassle! Here’s one option to add to your toolbox. Conditional Formatting lets you highlight duplicate or unique values in a column. Check out how to do it below!

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⏲️ 1min Spreadsheet Hack: Adding Drop-downs to Cells

When you need staff to add data to a spreadsheet, you can end up with lots of inconsistencies. Here’s how to use data validation to create drop-down lists, so that data is entered accurately and uniformly!

8 Must-Know Tips for Working with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can either make or break your day. Here are 7 musts to gracefully navigate through any Excel or Google Sheets situation!

Anyone who regularly works with spreadsheets knows the anguish of screwing up said spreadsheets.

It goes like this. You’re powering through for hours – filtering, sorting, formulating. Then you notice that one row of data looks slightly off.

After frantically checking a few more rows, it hits you. Something went wrong in your manipulations, and the data’s been messed. You need to start over from the beginning!

I know. As much as I love spreadsheets, they’ve also destroyed many of my work days too.

Fortunately, we can do things to reduce the odds of this scenario happening…and do our best to work backwards when it does.

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⏲️ 1min Spreadsheet Hack: PROPER-ly Format Those Cells!

For any of you who work with spreadsheets too, you know those things can cost us lots of time! So I’m experimenting and sharing a few of the must-know tips via video.

For the first video in this series, check out how you can quickly format names, addresses, and organizations to have the proper capitalization!