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10 Signs Your Nonprofit ISN’T Ready for Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful tool. And if you’re tasked with implementing a new data system for your org, there are very good reasons why this might be the way to go.

But there are valid reasons to stay away, too.

My staff knows how much I love Salesforce. And as much as I wish every org could implement it without issue, that’s just not how it works! Your org needs to be in the right headspace to knock a Salesforce implementation out of the park. Take it from someone who’s experienced some of these issues firsthand: this isn’t the right tool for everyone. And that’s okay.

So, how can tell when Salesforce is just not the right fit? Check to see if any of these indicators are present before you commit your nonprofit to the Salesforce Ohana.

10 Valid Reasons NOT to Implement Salesforce

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5 Helpful Implementation Reminders for Your Org (via Salesforce)

“Don’t solve problems you don’t have.”

When it comes to tech implementations, truer words have never been spoken.
Today was the Salesforce World Tour, an annual expo-ish event hosted in several cities by the CRM powerhouse. There are product demos, keynote speakers, and mini-sessions all designed to leave attendees feeling curious and excited about what’s possible.

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How To Get Stuff Done When Everyone Needs Something From You

Whether it’s a seasonal trend or part of everyday life, we all know what it means to be busy. Tasks have this magical way of coming together all at once, threatening to bring our work worlds crashing down the moment we’re off our game.

So naturally, this is the time when everyone needs something from us.

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10 Easy, Affordable Ways to Add Flare To Your Nonprofit’s Event

Event planning isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

There are so many moving pieces to consider; from the small details that need constant attention, to the big picture visioning that’s all too easy to forget when you’re in the weeds. And if ‘event’ isn’t part of your job title — the case for many of us in nonprofit — forget about it. This all becomes 10x harder!

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25 Habits To Move Up From Your Entry-Level Job (Part 2)

Whether you’ve been at your nonprofit job for 2 months or 2 years, it’s natural to wonder what the future holds. Sure this entry-level job will cut it for now, but don’t we all want that big, shiny promotion?

That’s why we work with an eye towards the future.  When we have a vision of where we want to be in our careers, we become more deliberate in the steps we take to get there. Even our small, daily work habits can help us put our best foot forward and show the people in our nonprofit that we mean business (sector pun).

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