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When Disaster Strikes: 5 Reasons Why We Don’t Always Do Our Part

Recent natural disasters (especially those on/close to U.S soil) have presented  an important question: when disaster strikes, do we step up to the plate? For many, the answer has been a resounding, heart-felt yes.

For others…crickets. Continue reading

10 Qualities of Truly Awesome Volunteer Coordinators

10 Qualities Of Truly Awesome Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer coordinators make the world go round.

I’ve worked with them, volunteered for them, and I personally know a few. What they do isn’t easy. Finding individuals to engage in a cause, often doing so with minimal resources, is tough. Continue reading

10 Tips for Being a Rockstar Volunteer

10 Tips for Being a Rockstar Volunteer

In the spirit of National Volunteer Week, I hope you have plans to go out and give back somewhere in the next few days. (And if you don’t, no worries. We need volunteers every week of the year.)

Volunteering can be as simple as showing up for your assignment, or it can be more. By putting our best foot forward when serving for a cause, we position ourselves to give (and get) more from our experience. Continue reading

How to Craft An Elevator Pitch (Because Let’s Face It, We All Need One)

This weekend I volunteered at a career fair, helping high schoolers think through their resumes & interview skills. Let me say that of the many ways that there are to give back and get involved, empowering youth to follow their dreams is my absolute favorite.

One session covered the elevator pitch: the brief statement that somehow captures who you are, what you’re good at, what you want and why people should care. For many, this pitch is a cruel and unusual professional necessity. Continue reading

Boston Marathon

6 Different Ways You Can Volunteer Today

The road to giving back is paved with good intentions. Perhaps you’re already an avid volunteer, or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get involved for the very first time. How can you find the right volunteer opportunity, and where do you start? Continue reading

Park Bench

6 Myths About Volunteering & Giving Back

While in middle school, I participated in an education program that taught us the importance of giving back. We learned early on that it wasn’t just a nice thing to do, but rather our civic responsibility.

The idea stuck, but it would be years into my nonprofit career before I understood that there are so many ways to get involved. I’d also encounter a few misconceptions along the way.

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